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Our company was founded with a desire to help small businesses. For more than 25 years, we worked in a financial institution. To help religious and non-profit organizations gain access to much needed funds, we started LOAN DOCTOR 105, LLC. We wanted to ensure that this type of client would not get turned down based on the business they owned.

Through our company, we offer financial consultation services to individuals with challenging FICO credit scores that are trying to secure financing. We act as professional loan brokers, and we also give you information to improve your credit score. We share individual guidance on how to improve your finances before applying for a commercial mortgage or other type of financing if necessary.

Working as Loan Brokers 

When you work with us, our experts walk you through every step of the loan process. From application to closing to ensure that you are qualified, we take care of everything. If there is a fee or rate that you are not happy with, we will go over all the documents and argue for a better rate and terms. We have partners who can assist with loans by making sure that we have everything we need to move forward. These partners also correctly review all the necessary paperwork.

Helping You Succeed

 We are dedicated to seeing your business succeed. We are not satisfied until you are, and we will not stop working until you get the loan you deserve. Based on our vast experience in the financial industry, we know the language that lenders speak, and we know how to work with them.


 Prices are competitive and will be based on the level of difficulty, i.e., deal structure and fico score, etc. In addition, we charge a nonrefundable commitment fee if the lender decides to proceed with the loan. That commitment fee will be deducted from the total amount due at closing. There are never any application fees when we are working on your behalf.


• Forensic Accounting

• Title Work

• Real Estate Lawyer

• Business Plan

• Residential Real Estate Lending Broker