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Our Multifaceted Financial Consulting Services

At LOAN DOCTOR 105, LLC, we understand that things happen that affect your business, personal credit, and company growth, so we offer a wide variety of financial consulting services—including loan comparison, negotiating, preparing operating agreements, and suggesting new corporate formations to help your company succeed. Our company is dedicated to seeing all businesses especially small businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations flourish, and we work hard to ensure that it happens. We know that time is money, and we will expedite your loan request. This will ensure a quick decision.

The Loan Products We Specialize In 

• Lease Lines
• Line of Credit
• Letter of Credit
• Term Loans
• Church Loans, Construction, Refinance and Renovations
• Nonprofit Loans
• Small Business Administration Loans
• Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate Mortgage
• Investment Commercial Real Estate Mortgage
• Commercial Mixed Use Properties

The Exact Loan You Are Looking for

If you are tired of being turned down by the banks, give us a call we can help you get the money you deserve. Get the loan you need to optimize your small business or organization. At LOAN DOCTOR 105, LLC, we talk to lenders to learn about their different products. Then, we find the one that fits your needs, so you can be assured that you have the best loan possible. For example, a company may go to a bank to secure a term loan for the purposes of renovating their building, but we would argue that they obtain an appropriate loan product as to not compromise the process.


Assisting with Paperwork

Helping You Understand the Fine Print 

Before entering into a contract, one of our team members will examine the commitment letter or proposal to make sure that you are getting the right product. Our experts will analyze the agreement and structure your request to ensure that it goes to the right person. We help you understand all the details of the perspective loan, including terms, rates, prepayment penalties, and more. To prevent any further issues, we make sure that the loan becomes bankable for the lender and yourself in the present and futures.

Having a Strategy

"If you fail to plan, then plan to fail." To ensure that your credit score is not affected by our work, we take the time to analyze all your options. When we apply for the loan, we get it right the first time. In an attempt to not waste time, effort, and money, you will know upfront if we can secure the financing you need. 

Making Sure You are Satisfied with the Agreement

As long as we have the information and paperwork we need, you will more than likely get the money you deserve. We will structure the deal so that it meets the lenders requirements.

The Brokers You Can Trust 

As a group of financial consultants, we work hard to gain your trust. To accomplish this, we do not talk about your FICO scores with any bank or lending company. We do not issue an information package to the bank unless they can assure us that the loan can be processed for approval before we submit any information for you.

Assisting with Corporate Formations

 For those of you interested, our professionals will offer suggestions about corporate formations. However, we are not lawyers, so we always recommend that you consult your legal counsel about the right corporate structure for your company.